Policeman Shot Dead in Croydon | Croydon Police Station Shooting

Policeman Shot Dead in Croydon

Policeman Shot Dead in Croydon – Police officer shot dead inside Croydon custody centre in south London.

The Metropolitan Police say a 23-year-old man was detained at the scene at Croydon custody centre, and was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound.

The male officer, who Sky News understands is married with children, was shot at 2.15am on Friday by a person who had already been arrested.

He has been described by colleagues as “well-liked, an honest copper, reliable”.

In a statement, the Met said the officer was treated at the scene then taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service, but later died.

No police firearms were discharged, consistent with the police, and Commissioner Cressida Dick said that it appeared the suspect had shot himself.

Ms Dick said: “Early indications are that the suspect shot himself. This has not yet, of course, been established as a fact. The man, I can tell you, remains during a critical condition in hospital.

Sky News understands that the victim was a long-serving member of the the Met who worked as a custody sergeant at the Croydon facility.

He is believed to possess been a politician for nearly 30 years.

Sky crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: “As far as I can piece together, the suspect was arrested within the early hours in Croydon.

“He’d been stopped and searched by two special police constables.

“I understand that they found some ammunition – maybe just one little bit of ammunition on him – in order that was enough to arrest him.

“He was then put into a cruiser , or more likely a police wagon with a cage for prisoners.

“But for a few reason, I’m told he wasn’t hand-cuffed.

“He was brought here to Croydon, and at around two o’clock this morning, he was taken into the custody suite and put into a jail which is normal procedure.

“At one point, the officer who died, opened the door to the cell to try to to two things.

“To get personal details of the suspect, but also to travel through some COVID-19 procedures, which are mandatory for anybody who’s brought into the custody suite.

“And it had been at that time that the weapon was produced by the suspect and fired at the officer.”

It is understood the officer has family overseas who the Met is trying to urge in touch with.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson released a press release , saying: “My deepest condolences attend the family, friends and colleagues of the policeman who was killed in Croydon last night.

“We owe an enormous debt to those that risk their own lives to stay us safe.”

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