4 People Stabbed to Death in Bermondsey | Delaford Road Bloodbath

4 People Stabbed to Death in Bermondsey

4 People Stabbed to Death in Bermondsey, three women and a man were found murdered at home in south east London early on Monday.

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Neighbours expressed their horror waking up to a “bloodbath” and “scenes of carnage” in Bermondsey.

Police were called to reports of a commotion at a 3-bedroom terraced dwelling on Delaford Road post midnight.

Officers arrived at the spot and forced their entry to find four people wounded. It is believed that they had all been stabbed multiple times.

Despite the endeavours of emergency services, the wounded were pronounced dead at the scene.

A man apprehended on suspicion of murder and taken to a south London police station remains in detention. It is understood that all 5 people were known to each other.

On Monday morning, four crime scene tents guarded the bodies of the victims in the street where they had been given first aid as forensic officers hunted for clues.

Neighbours and residents living in the vicinity were horrified with this nightmare. Many were heard saying that they were such nice people and wondered why anyone would want to hurt them.

Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “Heartbroken to hear that three women and a man were killed last night in a devastating incident at an address in Southwark. My thoughts are with the family and friends of those who have lost loved ones in this awful crime.

The crime scene is close to South Bermondsey train station and Millwall FC’s stadium The Den.

Scotland Yard have updated that they are in the process of contacting next of kin. Post-mortem investigations will be arranged in due course.

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