Kurt Zouma’s animal cruelty exposed as he smashes a defenceless cat

Kurt Zouma's animal cruelty exposed as he smashes a defenceless cat

Kurt Zouma’s animal cruelty exposed as he smashes a defenceless cat.

The West Ham defender has been filmed staging a shocking act of animal cruelty in a shameful video.

Kurt Zouma in a horrifying video seen kicking a cat

West Ham United defender Kurt Zouma has been captured on camera while cruelly harming a cat in horrifying footage that has surfaced online. Zouma is seen in the upsetting clip dropping, kicking and smacking the animal, and the Hammers have publicly criticised his actions in a strong statement.

The 27-year-old seemed to be in his London home as his brother, Yoan, chuckling behind the camera, taped him whilst a child watched the scenes played out.

Zouma is said to have been furious with the cat for making a mess in his £2million house.

He kicked it across the kitchen floor after having dropped the cat from height and, visibly causing it some pain.

Zouma followed his initial act up by pursuing the frightened feline around a dining room before targeting it by hurling a pair of shoes.

With the cat battling to escape, the French centre-back continues to slap it in the face and forcefully remove it from the child’s arms.

Some reports state that Zouma was extremely sorry post the incident.

What do you think? Should he be pardoned for this act of inflicting pain on a cat? Leave us a comment below this post.

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