Chile Protests Turns Violent | #EstadoDeExcepcion State of Emergency Declared in Santiago

Chile Protests Turns Violent

The people of Chile are so angry that fuel, electricity keeps rising that they are setting fire to government buildings.

Chile is one of the first South American countries to implement a carbon tax.

#Santiago #Chile looks like a war zone as a national emergency is declared and the military has taken to the streets to quell protests.

#EstadoDeExcepcion AGAIN, and it makes people remember a horrible moment of our history, but also that it should never repeat itself.

President in a televised address ordered #EstadoDeExcepcion State of Emergency on Friday.

A state of emergency has become necessary in the Chilean capital after wide spread protests against a rise in metro fares turned into into widespread vandalism and violence.

The state of emergency AKA EstadoDeExcepcion will apply to Santiago and can last for 15 days.

It grants the government infinite powers to restrict citizens’ freedom of movement and their right to publically meet.

The military will return to the streets for the 1st time since an earthquake devastated parts of the country way back in 2010.

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Chile Protests Turns Violent

Sources: The Guardian, Twitter, Youtube

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