Raw Footage White Island Volcano Eruption | Tourists injured and missing in New Zealand

Raw Footage White Island Volcano Eruption

At least one individual has been gravely injured and approx. 100 are missing after a volcano on New Zealand’s popular White Island tourist destination erupted Monday.

New Zealand police reported that fewer than fifty people were believed to be on the island at the time of the eruption.

Images of the crater from footage captured by cameras placed by Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences appear to show a group of people inside the erupting center of the volcano just minutes before the eruption.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressed a press conference and confirmed that search and rescue crews were assisting at the site of the eruption.

She said that earlier estimates that around 100 tourists were missing but now it has been clarified by the police to be half of that.

Radio New Zealand reported that St John Ambulance have confirmed that 20 people have been injured in the eruption, adding that a mobile triage unit was on its way.

Pictures released by the New Zealand’s official geological hazard information site Geonet showed thick white smoke rising above the island on Monday afternoon, local time.

The Whakaari or White Island volcano is New Zealand’s most active cone volcano as per the GeoNet website.

The Volcanic Alert Level has been increased to four, and orange is the Aviation Color code, as reported by GeoNet.

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Raw Footage White Island Volcano Eruption

Sources: CNN, NZ Herald, Twitter, Youtube

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