Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting | Aurora Police in Pursuit of Gunman

Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting

Colorado Apartment Complex Shooting: The victims include two adults and three children, and have been rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, as per official reports by the Aurora Police Department. The full story Detectves on the scene have ascertained that there was a party going on at the complex when gunfire broke out, said Officer Matthew Longshore, an Aurora police spokesman. Police are hunting down at least one suspect — a man of an unknown age dressed in a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Anybody who witnessed the shooting must contact…

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Venice Goes Under Water | Severe Weather Kills 11 in Italy

Venice Goes Under Water

Venice Goes Under Water | Severe Weather Kills 11 in Italy Fierce thunderstorms, small whirlwinds that blew roofs off homes, and winds comparable to a Category 3 hurricane lashed Italy from Piedmont to Sicily early this week, leaving at least eleven people dead, many injured, and firefighters and other rescue workforces scrambling to respond to emergency calls. In Venice, violent winds drove the high tide to more than one meter, or 156 centimetres, above average sea level on Monday, one of the uppermost levels ever recorded, plunging much of the…

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